Pick Your Poison

Life can be brutal. Retaliation Aesthetics gives you the confidence to return the favor.

Every facial is a personalized action making healthy skin a reality.

First facials include a comprehensive skin analysis to direct product and treatment selections. 


21 Days Later Dermaplane$15 / each
9 Sacred Herbs of Odin Facial & Beard Restore$60 / each
Actualized Facial$20 / each
Bamboo Voodoo Warm Release$60 / 30 minutes
Born This Way Makeup Enhancement$20 + / each
Broad Beard Treatment$20 / each
Change the Station High Frequency Wand$50 / each
Come to the Light LED Therapy$50 / each
DD-214 Freedom Facial$50 / each
DIY Tutorial$20 / each
Goodnight Sweetheart Bedtime Facial$15 / 30 minutes
Hair Trigger Scalp Invigoration$20 / 30 minutes
Hale If I Know$20+ / each
Hydra Ain't So Bad Hyaluronic Infusion$50 / each
Kiss Off Lip Treatment$10 / each
Leave the Past Behind Microdermabrasion $50 / each
Lift and Seperate Lash Lift$20 / each
Mansion in the South-Personal area wax$60 + / each
Might Be Magic Microcurrent Treatment$60 / each
No Regerts Tattoo Fixer Upper$10+ / each
Shameless Acne Treatments$20 + / each
Shut 'em Up Competition Tan$60.00 / each
Smooth Remove-Below the Face Wax (chest, back, arms, legs)$15 + / each
Smooth Remove-Brow Wax $8 / each
Smooth Remove-Face Wax$10 / each
Sticks and Stones Tension Reliever$40 / 30 minutes
The Hubbell Shuffle Feet Mend$20 / each
Throwing Shade Spray Tan$10 / each
Tiger's Eye Tummy Rebounder$30 / each
Try Me Give Me a Hand Treatment$5 / 15 minutes
Try Me Have Some Decency Decollete Treatment$5 / 15 minutes
Try Me Head For Business Scalp Treatment$5 / 15 minutes
Try Me Whisker Whip Facial Hair Treatment$5 / 15 minutes
Whiplash Brow Extensions$5 / each
Window Tint Eyebrow Darkening$10 / each
Window Tint Eyelash Darkening$10 / each
Wings of Phoenix Arm Rejuvenator$20 / each
Work That Body Treatment$60 / each